Cost and Returns Analysis of Snail Production in Obio-Akpor Local Government Area, Rivers State, Nigeria


  • I.K. Agbugba
  • K.S. Agbagwa
  • J.S. Kau
  • J.C. Ugwuegbulem



Snail Production, Snail Farmers, Profitability Determinants


The study examined snail production cost and return analysis in Obio-Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria. The study draws its essence from the fact that the supply of protein to the increasing population of Nigeria is inadequate. Given its profitability level, snail farming can serve as an important protein supplement to bridge the food insecurity gap. Through field surveys, copies of structured questionnaires were employed for collecting data from 40 snail farmers, who were randomly sampled. The analytical tools include frequencies, percentages, budgetary techniques, multiple regression, and mean scores. The results showed that snail farming was dominated by males (65%). The farmers were predominantly aged between 21 and 59, with a 67.5% score. Budgetary analysis showed that the farmers received a monthly net farm income of ₦113,000 (275.494 USD) and a gross margin of ₦1 345 000 (3279.11 USD), thus entailing the enterprise's profitability. Results of the multiple regression showed that variables like marital status and the purpose for farming were significant in determining the profitability status of snail farmers. Lack of collateral to secure loans to support farming and the problem of disease infected from contamination were some of the critical factors which constrained snail production, both jointly having a mean score of 3.35. It is recommended that the government give surety to registered farmers who do not have collateral to secure loans.


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Author Biographies

I.K. Agbugba

Prof. AGBUGBA, is the main author for this article

K.S. Agbagwa

Mr. King Sunday AGBAGWAis the second co-author  in the article. He is supervised by Prof.       Ikechi Kelechi AGBUGBA, and therefore same E-mail address can be used for reaching out to him

J.C. Ugwuegbulem

Mr. Ugwuegbulem is the student of Prof Ikechi Kelechi AGBUGBA and the same E-mail address can be used to reach out to him 


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