The nexus between extension services and community libraries as agricultural information sources for smallholder farmers in Amathole District Municipality



Information access, Extension information delivery, Strategies, Community library, Information formats and language


The provision of relevant, accurate, and timely agricultural information to smallholder farmers remains vital in enhancing rural agricultural productivity. The role of the agricultural extension institution in disseminating up-to-date agricultural information to farmers is considered crucial to agricultural development and sustainability. Community libraries could also be instrumental in providing agricultural information to smallholder farmers. This study, therefore, assessed the delivery of agricultural information to smallholder farmers by the extension officers and community libraries in Amathole District Municipality. Using purposive sampling and stratification, a total of 169 smallholder farmers were selected; while, purposive and convenience sampling were used to identify five extension officers and 15 community librarians respectively. The presentation of results was done by using simple descriptive statistical tools. Findings revealed that extension officers in the study area mostly utilised interpersonal channels to disseminate information which often causes a delay in timely delivery. Community libraries are not used as an information channel/source by extension officers and farmers. Farmers perceive the information delivery services of extension officers as ineffective while community libraries are perceived as meant for the literate. There is no existing collaborative effort between extension officers and community librarians in providing agricultural information to the smallholder farmers in the study area.


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Author Biographies

M. Sigigaba, University of Fort Hare

Masithembe Sigigaba Masters student in the Department of Economics and Extension at University of Fort Hare

S.F.G. Yusuf, University of Fort Hare

Dr SFG Yusuf senior lecturer at Department of Economics and Extension at University of Fort Hare, Alice Campus.

C. Bitso, University of Fort Hare

Dr Bitso director of library at university of Fort Hare

O.O. Popoola, University of Fort Hare

Dr Popoola is a Post Doctoral Fellow in the Department of Economics and Extension at University of Fort Hare.


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